Paint Protection Coatings

Paint coatings are the newest technologically advanced protectant for your vehicle's clear coat, trim, glass, and wheels. Ceramic, Glass, and Quartz coatings are all the same silica dioxide based coatings. These coatings chemically bond with the clear coat giving at least 18-24 months of protection and unbelievable gloss levels. This coating surface makes the vehicle's finish highly hydrophobic, which gives optimal water beading. Once applied and cured, the coating will give a wet-look gloss that is breathtaking. The coating can be safely handled and washed after 24 hours but takes about 5 days to fully cure. The gloss actually increases over the 5-day time of curing. Several excellent brands of coatings are offered and at different price points. While there are many coatings on the market, we only use the highest quality and most professionally advanced coatings there are. Two of our coating choices are professional certified only variants, which give a more intense gloss and a higher level of protection. It is highly suggested that a paint correction be conducted on the paint before a coating is applied. This will maximize the gloss levels and allow the paint to appear rich and pure.

Paint Protection Coating services are performed by one of the most skilled installers in the northern Virginia region and we would be happy to perform an evaluation of your vehicle and provide you with more information as required. Prices will be quoted as to what type of coating is applied and the area's to be protected.

Painted Surfaces:

  • 22ple Vx Pro - $750

    Application: 2 Coats

    This coating is made from a new generation of Ultra High Molecular Weight Silica which gives an improvement in gloss levels, lasts longer, and gives a stronger layer of protection.

  • Kamikaze Miyabi - $1250

    Application: 1 coat followed by 1 coat of ISM.

    The Miyabi coat provides stellar gloss properties along with protection from the elements. ISM coat enhances the gloss properties and produces a deep rich gloss similar to a boutique carnauba wax.

  • 22ple Certified Pro only Mistico Elemento - $1650

    Application: 2 Coats

    The most advanced paint protection product on the market today, chemical resistant, ultra durable. Leaves a hard layer of 100% pure silica membrane to encase and protect your paintwork for the ultimate long-term protection with amazing gloss! Once cured Mistico Elemento provides a wet-look glass effect that is visually breathtaking. The only product of its kind on the market, 22PLE Mistico Elemento combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic technologies delivering unprecedented shine, protection, resistance and self-cleaning effect.

  • Kamikaze Pro Only Zipang - $1850

    One coat Zipang, one coat Miyabi, followed by one additional coat of Zipang.

    For those looking for the ultimate in coating protection, we recommend Zipang Coat for its unmatched looks, hydrophobicity, ease of use, and semi self-healing technology. Zipang Coat also provides a darkening effect to the paint (blacks will be deeper black, richer reds, etc), and has the ability to lightly fill small imperfections in the paint.

  • Window Coatings - $100/22ple | $125/Kamikaze

    These are the newest coatings to hit the market. Theses coating will create a super-smooth, slick finish that lasts several months. Dirt, bugs, and road grime won't adhere to your glass like they would otherwise. Side and rear glass coatings will last significantly longer due to no windshield wipers moving across its surface.

  • Trim: Included with the Paint coatings

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