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A test panel, usually passenger side rear quarter, is done using the least aggressive pad polish combination to see how much correction is done, but at the same time finishing out to a high gloss finish. The goal is to remove only the amount of clear coat that is absolutely necessary. If further testing with a more aggressive pad or polish is needed then that is conducted. Once the best combination is found, then each panel of the vehicle is polished.
The initial process is similar to the single-stage process; however, you are starting out with a compound and pads that are much more aggressive. Since paints react differently even between vehicles that are the same make and model this step is highly important. Then each panel is corrected using the best pad compound combination from the testing. The same is done for the polishing stage to remove the light marring left from compounding and polishing the clear coat to a high gloss finish.
The perfection correction is typically 3 or more steps. While you start the process the same as the multi-stage correction, each section that is worked is inspected with the Scangrip sunlamp to check for swirls or marring that has not been removed. If that section needs further work, then that is conducted. This is the same for the polishing stage also. The final stage is a jeweling stage, which increases the clarity and gloss levels that last few percentage points. This service is typically conducted on extremely rare vehicles, hyper-cars, or vehicles in collections that are not driven or rarely driven. This service is not recommended for any vehicle daily driven and not kept in a garage under a cover.
We use the Flex 3401 Dual Action (DA) polisher and the small pe8 Kompact rotary polisher for 1-2"pad sizes. We also use the Rupes 21 DA, Rupes Rotary, and the Rupes iBrid for tight intricate areas. These are the top polishers in the industry that produce amazing results in the hands of a trained technician.
We clean a vehicle thoroughly from the top down and spend as much time as it is necessary to make sure all areas are as clean as possible inside and out. Our clients never want to open the trunk, door, or hood and see dirt or water spots in the jambs or hinge areas. All aspects of the vehicle get attention each and every time. Our clients expect a perfectly clean vehicle. This is not the type of service that is conducted on a vehicle weekly. This service is typically done once a month or longer depending on how the vehicle is driven.
Scangrip sun lamps are utilized for general lighting and specific Scangrip hand lights are used to inspect the paint up close. Scangrip lights mimic the sun, which is the absolute best light to indicate any swirls or scratches.
Ceramic, Glass, and Quartz coatings are all the same types of coatings. They are all based on a form of silica dioxide (glass). Silica dioxide comes in several forms to include liquid, powdered, and ultra high content silica. The amounts and types of SI02 used in coatings usually depicts the prices asked and the higher the content, the better the protection and gloss levels. The coatings we specifically have chosen to use have been proven over and over to be some of the best on the market. Their results look like liquid glass has been poured over your paint.
Your wheels are the second most looked at feature on a vehicle. Therefore we want to keep them as clean as possible for the longest amount of time. If they are brand new, then we want them to stay brand new for years to come. We all know that wheels are neglected during washes, and sometimes the build up of brake dust darkens the wheels and its almost impossible to remove. A coating will help keep the wheels clean by allowing only a minimal amount of the brake dust and other road debris to stick to the wheel while driving. When you wash the wheels, you do not need any harsh cleaning agents nor even wheel cleaning sprays and gels. You can use regular car wash shampoo and a microfiber towel to clean them. The dirt will just wash aways and the wheel will continue to look like new, or as clean as when the coating was applied. This result you will notice each and every time you wash your vehicle.

The Bespoke Detail offers the highest quality automotive mobile detailing in the industry and constantly strive to exceed our customer expecations.