Multi-Stage Paint Correction

Pricing: Starting at $1500/$1750 (SUV and Exotics)

Multi-Stage Paint Correction includes a machine compounding stage that is performed with technology advanced machines and pads. Test panel area's are utilized to determine the proper combination of products for your particular vehicle, as this will afford us the proper test results to make our final analysis. This is a one-step process that will remove approximately 75% - 85% of the swirls and light scratches, though greater results can be achieved in some applications depending on current vehicle conditions.

The final stage is a machine polish that refines the paint to achieve a high level of gloss and clarity. This service will normally attain the highest level of gloss and provide your vehicle with a finish that is sure to please. A synthetic sealant will be applied for protecting the paint and will last approximately 5 months depending weather conditions. As an option the AMMO Paint Regimen (Reflex coating, Skin Sealant, and Creme carnauba wax) is available for $400 which will increase protection and add increased gloss levels. This level also protects the paint much more than the sealant by itself.

Multi-Stage Paint Corrections can take 18+ hours to perform. Multi-Stage Paint Correction services are performed by one of the most skilled detailers in the northern Virginia region and we would be happy to perform an evaluation of your vehicle and provide you with more information as required.

Please contact us for more information about this valuable service.