Perfection Paint Correction

Pricing: Clients will receive a custom individual quote after consultation.

A Perfection Paint Correction is the process of achieving a superior as possible clear coat and paint finish. It should be noted that to ensure for paint corrections far into the future, 25-30 years, the thickness of the paint/clear coat should be maximized. During the inspection process, we will discuss with you our paint measurement findings and recommendations for what you should expect at the conclusion of Perfection Paint Correction.

The Perfection Paint Correction can take upwards of 40-50 hours of work. Depending on the severity, deep scratches or marring may be impossible to remove due the amount of clear coat remaining on the paint. After the test panels are evaluated, each 2ft by 2ft section is inspected with a specific lighting frequency to find any defects still on the paint. If any flaws are found, the defect area will be re-worked as many times as necessary to remove the noted defects.

We typically conduct a compound stage, polishing stage and a jeweling stage. The jeweling stage will burnish the clear coat with extremely fine abrasives that diminish while being machine polished. This leaves the clear coat as smooth as possible which maximizes the amount of gloss levels achievable. This is all done while removing only the least amount of the clear coat as possible to enable future corrections. Pricing is only discussed after the needs of the owner and vehicle are determined.

Perfection Paint Correction services are performed by one of the most skilled detailers in the northern Virginia region and we would be happy to perform an evaluation of your vehicle and provide you with more information as required.

Please contact us for more information about this valuable service.