Paint Protection Film

Pricing: Clients will receive a custom individual quote after consultation.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Clear Bra as it was once known, is the ultimate in protection for your vehicle's paint. Today's film is technically advanced compared to previous films. Current Paint Protection Films are extremely clear, smooth, and self-healing from minor scratches. The current films do not yellow over time.

While most films are warrantied for up to 10 years, it is highly recommended to remove and replace your PPF every 5-6 years. The removal of PPF is a labor-intensive process, although it is easier to perform on vehicle's that have newer film. PPF services can be performed as an individual service, though we highly recommend a combination of other services in conjunction with our Paint Protection Film service so we can attain a higher level of protection. Vehicles have numerous application areas, such as the full front end (hood, quarters, bumper, mirrors), front lip protection, side skirt protection, diffuser protection, areas in front or behind wheels, or even full vehicle film applications. All applications utilize wrapped edges and each piece is typically done custom and not from pre-cut patterns. With newer exotic vehicles the hoods (bonnets) are getting wider and longer in some cases. It takes an experienced installer to be able to apply PPF to these hoods in one piece. If it is possible, we will install only one piece where many other installers use two to three pieces. We take pride in the fact that we take our time with installs to prevent stretch marks, bubbles, and the lifting of edges. We will have zero cut marks on the paint which is a very common occurrence with many installers. It takes over 100 vehicles for an installer to become proficient enough to install PPF on complete vehicles.

Paint Protection Film services are performed by one of the most skilled installers in the northern Virginia region and we would be happy to perform an evaluation of your vehicle and provide you with more information as required. Prices will be quoted as to what type of film is applied and the area's to be protected. Typically appointments are made two weeks out for this service.

Paint Protection Film Brands:

  • Expel Ultimate
  • 3M Pro

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