The Initial Wash

Expected Price Range: $250-$500 depending on how exotic or rare the vehicle is; and $300-$500 for SUVs; Service provided at clients home or storage location will be priced based upon distance; water and power must be provided.

Recommended every 1-4 times a year | Time required: around 3-4 hours

The Initial Wash is for vehicles that receive our services for the first time. This service is also for brand new vehicles. This service defaults to the Maintenance Wash (see below) after the first visit. Before a thorough wash, we use paint-safe pH-neutral chemicals to remove the majority of surface and embedded contamination such as tar and iron deposits and the removal of all previous sealants and waxes. (Coated vehicles will not need this service; please see Maintenance Wash) We then use a specific type of clay to remove embedded contaminants without marring the surface. This is especially important for new vehicles, which have been around rail dust. We then hand wash using special non-marring techniques and special vehicle shampoos. All door jambs, trunk jambs, and under hood painted areas are thoroughly cleaned. Exhaust pipes are cleaned and if a polish is needed we will advise the client. All vehicles are blown dry with an intense filtered blast of warm air that is safe on all PPF surfaces. This prevents any scratching or marring during the drying process. A complimentary spray sealant is applied that lasts about two months. Please see below for all other services that are included in this package.

We highly recommend the AMMO Paint Regimen ($450 additional), which consists of Reflex Coating, Skin synthetic sealant, and the Crème Carnauba wax. A bottle of AMMO Hydrate and a Gyeon drying towel will be included with this package. This will protect the vehicle for around six months; however, it provides a much higher level of protection and gloss for the paint over a spray type sealant. This combination also rivals silica dioxide based coatings for gloss levels.

  • Initial wash includes all Maintenance Wash Services.
  • Embedded contaminants in the paint will be removed utilizing a non-marring specialized clay.
  • Embedded contaminants on wheels will be removed using an Iron deposit remover.
  • Surface contaminants on the paint will be removed using an Iron deposit remover.
  • Majority of tar and iron deposits are removed using paint-safe chemicals for a cleaner and smoother finish.
  • Paint sealant, spray type, is applied to exterior painted surfaces, all trim, and wheels for shine and protection.

Note: Conditions that require our Stage 1 Light Polish or some higher level of Paint Correction will be discussed with the client.

Add-on services: Rubber or cloth mats cleaning $5-15/each

Maintenance Wash Service

Expected Price Range: $125-$300 depending on how rare or exotic the vehicle is; and $150-$200 for SUVs; Service provided at clients home or storage location will be priced based upon distance, water and power must be provided.

Recommended every 4-8 weeks | Time required: around 2-2.5 hours

The Maintenance Wash is a very important step in keeping the paint healthy and the vehicle looking its best after it has gone through our Initial Wash service or our polishing and correction process. If this is your first visit with us, please see the Initial Wash service. Done regularly, the Maintenance Wash will keep the paint and vehicle looking clean, glossy and shiny. This process is much more than just a plain wash. Specific detail is given to badges, grilles, vents, mesh areas, and other areas that are routinely skipped over. This is highly important due to some of the complex areas on todays exotic vehicles. This service is not rushed and is not a production type service. For ongoing monthly clients or for collections this service can be tailored specifically to individual needs and priced accordingly. The intent of this service is to make sure the whole vehicle is as clean as possible inside and out.

  • Vehicle is hand washed using specialized wash mitts or in the case of rare or exotic vehicles multiple brand new specialized microfiber towels are used, then dried with a filtered warm air.
  • Door Jambs, Trunk (Boot) jambs, under hood (bonnet) painted areas washed, cleaned, and sealed with a spray sealant.
  • Wheel faces and barrels are cleaned, de-ironed, and sealed with a spray sealant.
  • Tires are washed and dressed using CarPro Perl or AMMO Mud depending on clients desire for a matte or gloss shine.
  • Exhaust tips are washed and cleaned.
  • acuuming on all carpets and seating areas.
  • Light tar, bug and wax residue cleaning are included.
  • Interior surfaces wiped down with AMMO Lather.
  • Glass surfaces cleaned inside and out.

Add-on services: Rubber or cloth mats cleaning $5-15/each

Please contact us for more information about these valuable services.

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