Wheel Coatings

Wheel coatings are designed to withstand the extreme conditions that wheels go through. The coatings help to diminish the affects of hot brake particles and dust eating through the clear coat and embedding into the wheel. Specified coatings to withstand the high temperatures are utilized to protect your wheels for 1-4 years depending on what brand of coating that is used. These coatings are one of the best value items that you can get. Every time you wash your wheels with only soap and water, you will see your wheels looking just as good as the day they were coated. Gone are the days of using degreasers to clean with. Each wheel face is cleaned with appropriate pH-neutral wheel cleaning gels and brushes. Special attention is focused on the lug nut areas. The wheels are then wiped down with Gyeon Prep to prepare the wheel for the coating. Two coats of the coating is applied to the face of the wheel. If the Wheels Off package is chosen, the barrels of the wheels are cleaned prepped and coated also. The calipers are deep cleaned, prepped and coated to make sure they stay pristine for years to come.

  • Gyeon Wheel Coating (lasts 8 months) - $150/Face

    Application: Lasts 8 months

  • Kamikaze Stance Wheel Coating - $350/Face | $650/Wheels Off

    Application: 2 coats.

    Stance provides around 2-4 years of protection provided wheels are not cleaned with degreasers which will slowly diminish the effectiveness of the coating. Stance leaves behind a silica glass barrier to help increase gloss and protect the wheels from hot brake dust.

  • 22ple VM1 Extreme Rim and Metal Coating - $350/Face | $650/Wheels Off

    Application: 2 Coats

    VM1 leaves behind a hardened high silica-content glass barrier that protects your wheels (painted, cleared, or un-coated), and painted brake calipers from road grime, brake dust, pollutants, moisture and other everyday environmental elements. While traditional wheel sealants provide a few months of protection you can expect around 2-4 years out of VM1! This formula is designed specifically for wheels and it will withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees! So when brake dust hits your wheels at several hundred degrees it doesn't just etch right through the protection.

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